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Our furniture CNC machine covers nesting CNC, edge banding machine, vacuum press machine, polishing machine, side drilling machine, six-sided drilling machine, sliding table saw, computer beam saw, hinge drill, etc. All these furniture making machines can process hardwood, softwood, MDF, particleboard, plywood and other wood materials to produce tables, chairs, kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, cupboards, shelves, beds, and other modern CNC furniture.

iGOLDEN furniture CNC production line offers a wide range of furniture CNC machine used in the panel furniture production line for furniture makers, cabinet makers, custom furniture manufacturers, and other woodworkers from China, USA, Canada, Russia, South Africa, Australia, India, Bangladesh, UK, UAE, and other countries and regions.

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iGOLDEN provides multiple production lines for making cabinets, PVC doors, solid wooden doors, high-gloss cabinet doors, non-porous cabinets, etc. For example, the cabinet production line integrates nesting CNC machine, edge banding machine, and side drilling machine. The PVC door furniture production line combines CNC nesting machine, CNC wood sanding machine, and vacuum press machine. A cabinet door production line may include the computer beam saw, automatic edge banding machine and hinge drill machine. Besides, there are also other CNC machines for furniture making, such as sliding table saw, six-sided drilling machine, corner rounding machine, etc. All the furniture CNC machine can be combined according to your process needs to realize your furniture CNC projects.

CNC Nesting Machine


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The nesting CNC machine is numerical control equipment specially designed for the production of panel furniture. In terms of processing functions, the furniture CNC nesting machine can cut, engrave, punch, drill, groove various wood materials. With the intelligent nesting CNC software, the nesting CNC router can automatically optimize the cutting layout, generate the effect map, and perform operations. For example, modify designs intuitively, and automatically generate various paths.

Therefore, a wood nesting machine can save raw materials and improve sheet utilization significantly. The furniture CNC nesting machine is widely used in the furniture industry. For instance, making cabinet doors, wardrobe doors, solid wood doors, paint-free doors, solid wood composite doors, and suite doors. If you are a panel furniture maker, the nesting CNC machine is definitely one of your indispensable furniture CNC equipment.

Features of the furniture CNC machine for nesting include:
  • Computerized system control of the nesting CNC machine largely replaces the traditional manual operation, saving labor and improving production efficiency.
  • The furniture CNC nesting machine cuts wooden panels by milling cutters which can change direction arbitrarily. It can cut panels in irregular shapes, which greatly improves the utilization rate of panels.
  • The operation of the furniture CNC machine for nesting is simple and easy to learn. With intelligent control, the nesting machine is not likely to make mistakes.
  • Ordinary workers can operate the nesting CNC router after simple training, which gets rid of enterprises’ reliance on skilled employees and reduces labor costs to a certain extent.
  • Compared with the traditional machine, the furniture CNC nesting machine has faster speed, higher precision, and better cutting quality.
  • The wood nesting machine has a wide scope of application, and is suitable for batch production of various panel furniture.

Edge Banding Machine


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An edge banding machine is used to band straight and curve edges during the panel furniture production process. Basic functions include pre-milling, gluing, banding, end cutting, rough and fine trimming, scraping, polishing, slotting, etc.  Automatic Edge Banding Machine plays the role of edgebanding in the processing process of the furniture production line. Compared with the traditional manual operation process, the sealing line of the edge bander has the advantages of straight, delicate, and smooth.

The automatic furniture CNC edge bander is suitable for massive banding of straight edges. For example, cabinet doors, office tables, drawers, nightstands, etc. While the curved and irregular edges are more suitable for edge banding using semi-auto edge banders.

Features of the furniture CNC edge banding machine:
  • The functional units of an automatic edge banding machine are clear and easy to repair. This helps operators understand and maintain each part of the edge banding furniture CNC machine easily.
  • Edge banding machines adopt high-performance imported motors, which reduces the working time and increases the efficiency of edging.
  • All accessories used in the automatic furniture CNC machine for edge banding are strictly controlled and polished. This ensures stable banding operation and good banding results.
  • It is simple and convenient to operate and set parameters on the large-sized high-resolution screen. The whole edge banding process is completed automatically, greatly reducing human labor. 

Panel Saw Machine


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Woodworking precision Melamine Board Cutting Machine Wood Sliding Table Panel Saw

Our computer beam saw, also know as panel dividing saw or panel sizing saw, can cut wooden panels with a thickness up to 100mm and the length up to 3700mm with high speed and excellent accuracy.

The computer beam saw is the most effective method of precise panel cutting with modern software that allows the saw to gain maximum yields from the materials. Sliding table saw makes cutting tasks easier and safer. It can cut panels at certain angles (22.5°, 45°, 90°) and can also make right-angle and inclined grooves.

This machine tool can cut and process all kinds of solid wood panels, wood-based panels, ABS panels, PVC panels, organic glass and other wood structures, and panels with similar hardness. It is one of the necessary equipment for the production of furniture, decoration and other industries.

CNC Drilling Machine


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In furniture production, the CNC machinery includes CNC nesting machine with multi-head drill, side drilling machine, and six-sided drilling machine.   The drilling effect and drilling efficiency achieved by different drilling machines are quite different. It can not only realize flat punching, vertical punching, side punching, and other multiple angle punching functions can be realized by woodworking punching machines. 
The application of the wood CNC drilling machine not only reduces the user’s production cost but also greatly improves the user’s production efficiency.   Therefore, it is favored by more and more domestic and foreign users.   Especially for users of the furniture production line, the production process has been optimized to a large extent, and it is indeed the best CNC drilling machine choice. 

Vacuum Press Machine


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High productive wood furniture cabinet door film heat press vacuum membrane press machine.
This is a vacuum press machine used for laminating various plates. Equipped with special hot-pressing glue to decorate all kinds of panel furniture, sound and decorative materials, it is especially suitable for surface embossing pattern. And this vacuum press machine is the ideal equipment for the home decoration industry.
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Wood Sanding Machine


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CNC sanding machine is suitable for grinding and polishing all kinds of solid wood doors, European-style wooden doors, cabinet doors, plastic doors, shutters, furniture parts, carved flower panels, hollow grids, white blanks, primers and abrasive cloth strips of different thicknesses. The rough grinding roller is composed of sisal brush and emery cloth. Different combinations of emery cloth and brush can be provided, and the brush and emery cloth can be replaced separately to save cost. The polishing effect can reach 80%, which greatly saves labour and improves efficiency.

Subsidiary Equipment


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The furniture CNC subsidiary equipment mainly refers to those machines that play a supplementary role in the furniture production line. And each machine has its own processing functions. For example, the hinge hole drilling machine can drill hinge holes for making cabinets quickly and precisely. 


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    CNC Router Machine For Furniture Making

    The furniture CNC machine refers to the CNC machines or production line solutions to make wooden furniture. In other words, the furniture CNC machine can quickly process raw materials according to different processing demands. For example, the furniture CNC machine can be used for CNC cutting, nesting, drilling, punching, edge banding, filming, and other operations. 

    IGOLDENCNC provides a wide range of furniture making machines for manufacturing various modern CNC furniture. The furniture CNC equipment includes the CNC nesting machine, vacuum press machine, edge banding machine, CNC drilling machine, and auxiliary equipment. These cabinet CNC machines aim to meet the individualized and diverse processing needs of furniture production. The furniture CNC machine can be used individually or combined into a line to make CNC chair, CNC desk, and other CNC wood furniture.


    Why choose our furniture CNC machine?
    1. Intelligent furniture CNC software can design and optimize the working path, locate work position, and carry out operations quickly and accurately. And the utilization rate of the board is increased by 40% without manual intervention.
    2. The CNC furniture making machine has a user-friendly control interface and is easy to operate. You don’t need a long period of experience or many skills to operate. Besides, you will always learn new technical and CNC knowledge to improve your production and quality.
    3. Furniture making machine can make replicated products thousands of times. Furniture CNC machine connection lines are quite suitable for mass production with high consistency.
    4. Investing in furniture CNC machine can help you save labor costs. You can finish high-quality and precise work with few workers.
    5. We have complete furniture CNC product ranges, and one-stop shopping can meet your diverse production needs.
    6. Automatic loading and unloading, dust removal, and positioning systems greatly improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.
    7. CNC software allows you to stimulate your CNC table designs and other CNC furniture plans. So you don’t need to spend time and money to produce a prototype. This could save you weeks of production time when making a CNC desk or CNC chair.
    What Is Panel Furniture Production Line?

    Panel furniture production line refers to the machine tools and software used in the entire panel furniture manufacturing process including automatic labeling row drilling and cutting center, customized cabinet and wardrobe smart hole machine, CNC six-sided drilling, CNC panel saw, cabinet intelligent connection, cabinet and wardrobe molded door line, multiple six-sided drilling and cutting machine connections, production process planning and design, solid wood assembly machining center.


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