CNC Drilling Machine

The CNC drilling machine is an auxiliary equipment used in the panel furniture production line, which is consisted of various professional CNC drill kits like CNC drilling system, CNC drill table, and CNC drill bits to drill, groove, and punch. It is mainly used to drill vertical holes, horizontal holes, and side holes in wood, and make grooves on wooden boards or invisible parts.
Therefore, it is also known as wood drilling machine, wood square hole machine, woodworking horizontal boring machine, vertical CNC drilling machine, wood hole machine, and side hole drilling machine.

In furniture production, the CNC machinery includes CNC nesting machine with multi-head drill, side drilling machine, and six-sided drilling machine.  The drilling effect and drilling efficiency achieved by different drilling machines are quite different.It can not only realize flat punching, vertical punching, side punching, and other multiple angle punching functions can be realized by woodworking punching machines.

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