iGOLDENCNC After-sales Warranty General Rules

First of all, thank you very much for purchasing iGOLDENCNC products. In order to ensure the after-sales warranty is operated smoothly, we will issue the following announcement:

General Principles

We are responsible for the maintenance of the equipment covered by the warranty.

The user must maintain the integrity and independence of the machine during operation. In the following cases, our company will not bear any direct, indirect or joint liability. In addition, iGOLDENCNC reserves the right to pursue any legal liability if any equipment is damaged, or economic and reputational loss are caused to our company due to the following conditions.

  • Use the device under a non-design environment.
  • Privately modify the machine, including adding parts, reducing parts, disassembling, using parts of other brands, etc.
  • Failure to follow the instructions may result in personal injury or operation and maintenance.
  • Damage caused by movement or transportation.

Without affecting the performance of the machine, the company reserves the right to change the product specifications and name the product before notifying the customer.

Our company is responsible for the quality and performance of the machines sold. However, we do not assume other indirect obligations and responsibilities.

Detailed Principles

Equipment warranty period: 2 years.

Calculated based on the production date on the machine nameplate.

The details are as follows:

  • Spindle module warranty period: 1 year
  • Wearing parts are not included in the warranty, such as knives, pressing boards, pumps, switches, etc.
  • Warranty for supporting equipment (if the machine is equipped):

The warranty period for supporting equipment is 1 year, calculated from the date of manufacture on the equipment label. The supporting equipment includes, but is not limited to, loading and unloading platforms, vacuum cleaners, vacuum pumps, etc. (if the machine is equipped).

Accessories Repairing and Transportation

Within warranty period:

For free repairing or parts replacement, if testing, repairing or replacement is required, the buyer shall bear the transportation cost from local to our company.

After the test, if the part fails due to quality problems (non-human factors, operation environment, etc.), it will be repaired or replaced free of charge, and iGOLDENCNC will bear the transportation cost for delivery. If the failure is not caused by the quality problems, the buyer shall pay for repairing and transportation.

(Postscript: Repaired parts should be returned to our factory. If the buyer defaults on the parts, iGOLDENCNC reserves the right to cancel the warranty policy the machine enjoys).

Out of warranty:

The buyer shall pay for repairing and transportation.

Tips: In order to ensure that the goods are not damaged during transit, please pack them according to the accessory requirements, provide delivery photos and tracking numbers, and paste the corresponding fragile labels as required. When receiving the accessories, please contact the relevant personnel in time and confirm that the goods are intact. If there is damage to the goods, please provide relevant damage photos and tracking numbers in time for timely processing.

Door-to-door service policy

iGOLDENCNC provides door-to-door services worldwide.

The charging standards and service process are as follows:

  • Charging standards:
  • Technical personnel visa fees, domestic travel expenses (including transportation expenses when handling documents);
  • Training and maintenance costs: $ 150 per person per day (based on the time of landing and disembarking in the customer’s country);
  • International round-trip air tickets (booked and paid by the buyer, and provided with electronic ticket information to our company);
  • Accommodation abroad (arranged and paid by the buyer)
  • Overseas training / maintenance process:
  • iGOLDENCNC will calculate the fees for items 1 and 2 above and then notify the buyer. After the buyer pays the fee, iGOLDENCNC will apply for visa for a technician.
  • After the technician obtains the visa, we will notify the buyer. The buyer shall provide the above round-trip ticket information in item 3 and arrange the accommodation in item 4 after the technician arrives.
  • Only after obtaining iGOLDENCNC approval can the buyer apply for delayed training and maintenance. The buyer shall pay for the deferred training and maintenance service before the service starts.