Wood CNC Machine

CNC wood router is an efficient machine majorly used for cutting and shaping wood. The biggest advantage of using the best CNC wood router is minimizing wastage, which eventually increases overall productivity and decreases the production time tenfold. The numerical control helps the CNC wood router to align a specific path to tools, which gives them a proper direction. The size of a CNC router is comparatively smaller than the industrial routers and you can easily connect it with your home computer using software.
CNC wood routers are the most common CNC machines for woodworking in industrial manufacturing, small business, small shop, home business, home shop, school education, craftsman, and hobbyists.We will recommend the most suitable CNC wood cutter to you after being informed by your requirements: The materials you want to carve and cut. The max size of the materials (Length * Width * Thickness).


ATC CNC router is the first choice for enterprises with large production volume. According to the different tool changing methods, automatic tool changing engraving machines can be subdivided into linear ATC CNC machine and disc ATC engraving machines.Compared with the traditional manual tool change production method, this type of ATC CNC engraving machine has an independent tool magazine with different tool bits.

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Processing Samples

ATC CNC Router

Why choose our ATC CNC router machine?

Linear ATC CNC router can be used for automatic engraving, cutting, drilling, milling, grooving, sanding, polishing for solid wood, cork, hardwood, plywood, foam, stone, ceramic, plastic, acrylic, glass, MDF, ACM, PVC, copper, brass, aluminum and other soft metals. ATC CNC machinery usually requires 3 axes to complete the engraving work, called X, Y and Z. The X axis is horizontal, the Y axis is vertical, and the Z axis is perpendicular to the other two axes. The spindle holds the tool and moves along the X, Y and Z axes, following the tool path generated by the software. In addition, there are some ATC CNC Router+4 axis engraving machines with X, Y and Z axis rotation axes (fourth axis). These CNC router engraving machines are mainly used for some cylindrical engraving and cutting work.

A CNC wood router is a type of automatic wood CNC machine for smart 2D & 3D routing, cutting, carving, drilling, grooving, or milling on most popular woodworking projects, including wood crafts, wood arts, wood signs making, cabinet making, wood door making, wood gifts, wood toys, wood modeling, decorations, wardrobe and other wood furniture making.

Feature of ATC CNC Router Machine

1. High-quality HQD 9.0 kw air-cooling spindles, ensures efficient operation.

2. Servo motor and driver, higher precision.

3. Vacuum table with T-slot (Clamps) table, more convenient for woodworking.

4. New desigan machine with a saw for fast cut, and saw can adjustment freely on X and Y.

5. Different working size 1300 * 2500mm / 1500*3000mm dependent on your choose and more practical for woodworking.

6. The oil lubrication system ensures the stability of mechanical parts.

7. 8-12 Tool Magazine, Tool changer automatically, many times increases productivity.

8. Taiwan’s SYNTEC control system is more convenient to operate the machine for processing 2D, 3D engraving.

9. Hiwin 25 square guide rails and rack transmission

10. Breakpoint memory, can continue to work after power off & breaking knife

11. Positioning pneumatic cylinder design to fix the plate faster and more accurately, improving work efficiency

12. Machine with Oil mist cooling system for metal materials engraving and cutting

ATC CNC Router Machine Application & Materials:


Wood ;furniture ;Industry, Furniture ;decoration, ;music ;instrument, wooden arts and crafts, large scale board engraving, solid wood furniture, solid wooden mural, composite door, free-paint door, cabinet doors, advertising industry, Die industry, ;Relief sculpture, toy production, bedside cupboard, screen ;sculpture etc.


Woods, acrylics, artificial stones, artificial marble, bamboos, organic boards, double-color board, PVC board, aluminum, brass and other materials.

ATC CNC Router Option Part:


We can make it according your needs add different diameter rotary. And we also can make it with 4 axis linkage system. And the rotary can be removed when you carving the big planar materials.

Automatic ;loading and unloading system

Loading and unloading automatically, will save manpower and time, reduce the produce costs, and also make the produce more easy and faster.



With the features of low cost, simple operation and easy maintenance, this CNC wood router is considered an entry-level machine in the CNC machine industry and favored by users at home and abroad. The CNC wood router mainly performs some plane processing on the board. If you are just doing flat machining on some plates, this three-axis engraving machine is definitely your ideal choice.

Of course, if you have other machining requirements such as three-dimensional work pieces, curved surface machining of complex work pieces, we also have CNC equipment such as 4-axis CNC machine, rotary axis CNC machine, ATC CNC machine and multi-head engraving machine for you to choose.

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Hobby CNC Router

The best router choice for business beginners.

Hobby CNC Router is also known as a desktop CNC router, small CNC router, hobby CNC machine, home CNC machine, mini CNC router, desktop CNC machine, mini CNC machine, tabletop CNC router.Saving labour and time cost, improving the working efficiency, it’s available to work with the additional rotary device for 3D working.

The low-power engraving machine refers to the CNC engraving machine with a small motor power which generally from 80W to 200W. Because of its small motor power, it can only be used for fine processing with fewer engraving surfaces at a time such as badges, sand table models, surface processing of crafts, etc.

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