CNC Nesting Machine

Nesting CNC machines are regarded as the best furniture manufacturing machines by cabinet makers and furniture manufacturers to set up a furniture production line or realize their custom furniture making projects, plans, and ideas. As a core CNC machine for furniture making, the CNC nesting machine is widely used to cut, drill, punch, groove, pocket, and engrave various wooden boards. With the help of automatic nesting software, the nesting CNC router can maximum the utilization of a wood panel and minimize cutting time and material waste.

The CNC Nesting Machine with Drilling is equipped with drilling bag, equipped with a 9.0kw air-cooled spindle, and independent operation. Usually used in conjunction with labelling coding machines and automatic loading and unloading platforms. High speed, high precision, high efficiency and stability.It is suitable for processing various cabinet doors and wooden doors.

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Automatic Feeding Lift For Custom Made

Handling large furniture panels can be a difficult and time-consuming task, and assembling this automatic feeding device can greatly improve work efficiency.

Gantry Automatic Feeder For Custom Made

This equipment can solve the problems of slow speed, irregular blowing, power failure of air supply, and damage to plates in traditional gantry machines.

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    Nesting CNC Router FAQ

    What is CNC Nesting?

    CNC nesting is a kind of CNC machining technology which refers to the process of laying out the cutting and engraving patterns to reduce the processing time and the amount of waste resource. In a word, CNC nesting technology aims to produce as many parts as possible with as little material as possible.

    Nesting CNC Machine Application

    1. Advertising and gift making industry

    CNC router nesting machine is used to carve all kinds of two-color plate signs, plexiglass, 3D billboards, two-color figure statues, embossed medals, organic plate embossing, 3D door characters, etc.

    2. Model and mold making industry

    Sand table models, house models, engraving button relief mold, printing bronzing mold, injection mold, stamping mold, shoe mold, plastic light box mold, etc.

    3. Woodworking industry

    Wood nesting machine (also named as the machine for furniture production) can make classical mahogany furniture products, wave boards, 3D engraving craftsmanship, and embossed pattern designs.

    4. Automotive industry

    Processing of tire mould, lamp mould, and car interior decoration, etc.

    5. Aluminum cutting industry

    Aluminum plate, aluminum-plastic plate, aluminum honeycomb panel, aluminum profile, etc.

    Types of Nesting CNC Machine

    Single-head Nesting CNC Machine  

    This nesting machine is mainly used for cutting, grooving, engraving, and drilling vertical holes on plates. Generally, friends who have just entered the furniture industry will choose this entry level CNC nesting router machine. Because it is the most basic nesting machine for sale and this kind of nesting CNC machine price is relatively cheap. Therefore, it is also named as the best nesting CNC machine for beginners or CNC nesting router for small business. The disadvantage of such a type of wood nesting CNC router machine is that there is only one machining spindle and can not realize complex nesting CNC projects. If you want to perform multiple processes, you need to manually change several different tools. Of course, very few processing plants now use this machine because of low production efficiency.  

    Multi-process CNC Nesting Machine  

    The multi-process nesting machine mainly refers to double process nesting CNC machine, three process nesting CNC machine, or four process nesting CNC router. What does the multi process mean? It means that the multi-functional nesting CNC machine is equipped with multiple machining spindles, which can continuously and uninterruptedly complete the work of cutting, slotting, punching, cutting, etc. No manual tool changing is required, and the processing speed is more than three times faster than ordinary single-head nesting machines. Manufacturers of a little scale and some newcomers with sufficient funds will choose this CNC machine.  

    The biggest highlight of the double-process nesting CNC machine is that a drilling package is added to the nesting machine. Therefore, this type of nesting CNC machine for sale includes a single spindle router with row drilling, a dual spindle CNC nesting machine with row drilling, automatic tool change spindle nesting CNC with row drilling. This type of nesting CNC can realize rapid vertical drilling and can automatically change the CNC drilling tool according to different hole positions. Therefore, the production efficiency of this type of CNC nesting cutting machine is very high.

    ATC CNC Nesting Furniture Making Machine

    Here are two type of ATC nesting CNC router for cabinet and furniture. One type is the linear ATC CNC nesting machines, and another is the ATC wood nesting machine with carousel tool magazine. And the automatic tool change spindle of this panel furniture CNC making machine is a top-brand high-power spindle with fast processing speed. The nesting machine bed is specially customized and has very high stability. This ATC wood nesting CNC machine is equipped with an independent tool changer magazine. Any tool can be placed in the magazine.The tool can be changed automatically according to different processing techniques during processing, which saves the time of manual tool changing. With the highest configuration, this type of nesting CNC router for sale is widely used for customers of various types of processing.  

    Multi-functional Nesting CNC Furniture Manufacturing Machines

    Actually, Blue Elephant CNC Machinery Company provides many different types of nesting CNC machines for sale with many different functions, such as CNC wooden door lock making machine for sale, nesting CNC cabinet door making equipment with saw, auto nesting CNC feeding furniture making machine, automatic furniture making machine with drill, CNC nesting router machine with two worktables, labeling CNC nesting machine for sale, intelligent labeling and nesting cell, etc. They are all entry level nesting machines that added with different processing tools like CNC drill bits, saws, ATC spindles, worktables, labeling system, loading and unloading system, etc, to achieve more processes.

    What are the advantages of the Nesting CNC Router?

    1.The equipment has high stability. When opening the material, ensure that there is no edge burst, no running board, and special shape can be cut. After opening the material, the edge can be directly sealed, and the front and back faces are sealed.

    2.With the function of automatic tool setting instrument and special tool holder, there is no need to re-calibrate the tool after changing the tool, and the work can be continued after the change, reducing the process and increasing the production capacity.

    2.Positioning cylinder function, positioning the plate, improving the efficiency of placing the plate and improving the accuracy.

    4.Feeding assistance function, ball feeding assistance, easy boarding.

    5. Automatic blanking function (optional), the machine will automatically push the material to the back table after opening, eliminating the need for manual picking up and improving the blanking speed.

    6. Dust recovery system, the machine collects dust when opening or unloading, a good working environment, and reduce dust.

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