– Handicraft Industry


The handicraft industry involves materials including bamboo, crystal, horns, paper plates, marble, cloth, leather, rubber, plastic and other non-metallic materials. And the craft  industry mainly involves all kinds of furniture, lighting, ornaments, models, root carvings, study, utensils, pen holders, combs, screens, doors, coat racks, coffee tables, craft boxes, jewelry boxes, jewelry boxes, wine racks, craft paintings, Buddha statues, pendants, etc. CNC wood engraving machines in the handicraft industry are characterized by carving various types of characters, patterns, and outlines on various handicrafts and souvenirs.

CNC Related Products

CNC Wood Carving Machine

The CNC wood router table size can be customized according to your actual processing requirements. Therefore, you need to figure out the maximum size of your processing materials before buying a 3 axis router machine.


Affordable Cheap Wood CNC Router Machine

The CNC wood router is designed for carving and engraving wood, acrylic, PVC, double-colored, MDF, glass, and rubber boards.The 3 axis CNC router has outstanding features, such as low cost, simple operation, multiple functions, and easy maintenance.


G8 Wood CNC Router Machine

This is an entry-level woodworking engraving machine. It can meet most of your processing needs in the non-metal industry without high purchase and use costs. Of course, it is also the ideal carving equipment for the woodworking industry.


1325 4 Heads 3D Woodworking Machine

This 4 processes CNC router is suitable for the processing requirements of changing a variety of tools. No manual tool change is required during the machining process, and the program is automatically executed.


1-6 Multi Spindles Woodworking Machinery

Distinct from other multi spindle woodworking machines, this machine is equipped with 6 spindles. The amount of spindles can be added to 6 sets or more. Multi-spindle can work simultaneously, which can greatly improve the efficiency of working.


2-4 Multi Head CNC Machine for Woodworking

Multi spindles CNC router machine is specially designed to meet the processing needs of 3D product size. This kind of CNC router machine can be determined according to the material to be processed, and it can also realize 3D multi-processing by equipping a common CNC machine with a rotating axis.


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