EPS/Foam CNC Router

EPS Foam CNC Router is one kind of foam CNC machines, it is mainly working as a CNC foam cutter for styrofoam carving, it has a big working dimension, does a good job in carving or cutting of large scale workpieces in different materials, such as wood, aluminum, styrofoam, but not for steel, iron, etc. We also call it EPS CNC, Foam CNC briefly.
EPS/foam CNC router usually comes with a big working dimension for carving and cutting large-size workpieces of wood, aluminum, and styrofoam. It can also be equipped with an ATC spindle and a rotary device for complex, heavy-duty, and long-term work. It is widely used to process and carve wood and styrofoam automotive, ship or other molds, and GRG or GRC decorations, and architecture models.

4 Axis CNC Router Machine

The 4-axis CNC Router machine refers to the computer numerical control equipment including X, Y, Z, and additional rotation axis. It has 3 straight coordinates and 1 rotating coordinate. 4-axis CNC Router engraving machines are usually equipped with rotating axes or rocking spindles, so they can contact the workpiece from different angles and effectively work, so as to realize the 3D processing of cylindrical, curved and circular surfaces.

4 axis CNC router is quite good at processing 3D workpieces. It generally falls into two types. The first type described hereunder is equipped with a rotating spindle that can swing by 180°. It can engrave 3D patterns and drill holes on side surfaces of wood, MDF, acrylic, foam, rubber, and other materials. For example, 3D letters, signs, reliefs, and sculptures.

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Processing Samples

ATC CNC Router

What is a 4-axis CNC Router?

The 4-axis CNC Router is divided into the rotary type and spindle swing type, including right rotary axis engraving machine (customizable front rotary device), 2D&3D CNC engraving machine, 3D stereoscopic engraving machine, four-axis CNC machining center, foam carving machine, spindle swing engraving machine, and lock hole machine.

The 4-axis CNC Router is also known as 4-axis CNC wood router, 4-axis CNC router machine, best -axis CNC router, 4-axis CNC milling machine, 4-axis CNC machine, 4-axis milling machine, 4-axis CNC engraving machine, 4-axis CNC router engraver machine, 4th axis CNC router, 4-axis machining, 4-axis engraving machine, 4-axis wood CNC machine, 4-axis wood carving machine.

How does the 4-axis CNC Router work?

The first one is similar to the 3 axes CNC Router machine with X, Y, and Z axes, but it also includes a rotating device called A axis. The moving path is X-Z-A, Y-Z-A.

The other is a four-axis linkage CNC Router, which realizes 180-degree machining by swing the spindle. Its motion path is X-Y-Z-A, X-Y-Z-B, and X-Y-Z-C. 4-axis CNC router engraving machine, at the time of carving, according to 360 degrees, each step takes 0.000* degrees. At the same time, the high speed rotating spindle on the carving machine cuts the processed material fixed on the table by cutting tools according to the material processed. We can carve various 2D or 3D relief graphics and characters designed in the computer to realize automatic carving.

In daily application, the 4 axis milling machine worktable can not only achieve plane engraving but also realize irregular 3D machining and 3D carving of the irregular workpiece.

4 axis CNC Router Machine Application & Materials:

The application of the 4-axis CNC Router machine includes drilling, milling, carving, cutting, slotting, and hollowing on wood boards (such as wave boards, MDF, composite wood, solid wood). It is also suitable for leather, foam, PVC, steel, aluminum, acrylic, EPS, copper, and other soft materials.

Common solid wood: softwood, hardwood, modified wood.

Common wood composite materials: plywood, particleboard, hard fibreboard, MDF(medium-density fiberboard), high-density fiberboard, blackboard, and so on.

Mold industry: casting mold, foam mold, automobile mold, train mold, aviation mold, ship model, paraffin mold, etc.

Sculpture industry: keel, Buddha, gourd;

Woodworking industry: 3D(three-dimensional) wave board processing, solid wood door, cabinet door, craft wooden door, wooden screen, paint-free door, craft window processing, musical instrument board surface, panel furniture processing;

Advertising industry: advertising signs, acrylic processing, logo production, plastic molding, various materials decorative parts production;

Craft gift industry: stigma, bamboo tube, and so on.

What’s the worktable size of the 4 axis CNC Router?

4×4, 4×6, 4×8, 5×10 and 6×12 in feet;

48×48, 48×96, 60×120, 80×120, and 80×160 in inch;

1212, 1218, 1224, 1325, 1530, 2030 and 2040 in milometer.

Of course, the worktable size can be customized as your requirements.


5 Axis CNC Router

The 5 axis CNC Router machine, also known as the 5 axis CNC machining center, is equipped with a 3D CNC system. It is designed as a 5 axis CNC processing solution with high cost-effectiveness. It refers to the ability of the machine to move tools or parts on five different axes to achieve complex surface processing.

As advanced CNC equipment, 5 axis CNC machining center or CNC router is designed specifically for complex curved surfaces. It is widely used in aviation, aerospace, automotive, military, scientific research, precision instruments, high-precision medical equipment, and other industries. It can process an extensive range of materials, such as wood, metals, stones, plastic, styrofoam, composites, etc.


What is a 5 axis CNC Router?

Types of 5 axis CNC processing centers

According to the machine structure, the CNC five axis processing center mainly falls into three types. They are the head/head type, table/head type, and table/table type.

As the name suggests, the head/head type machine has two rotary axes on the head. It has a rotating head, which can rotate by 360 degrees around the Z axis. And it also has an A axis that rotates around the X axis in more than 90 degrees. Features of this type machine include flexible spindle working, large working area, and good milling surface quality.

The table/head type refers to the machines whose rotary axes locate respectively in the table and the head. This type of 5 axis CNC milling machine has the largest flexibility. Because it can be the combination of any two axes among the A, B, and C axes. But most table/head type 5 axis machines adopt the combination of B and C axes. Such structure is simple and flexible. It can realize 5-sided machining with low manufacturing costs.

The table/table type has two rotary axes located on the table. The worktable mounded on the machine bed can rotate around the X axis, which is the A axis. Its general working angle of the A axis is from +30° to -120°. There is also another rotary table in the middle of the worktable. It rotates around the Z axis and is called the C axis. This type of 5 axis machine usually has a small-sized worktable with a small loading ability.

How is a 5 axis CNC Router used?

The 5 axis CNC Router machine is designed to provide high-speed and high-quality processing for various materials. Include but not limited to wood, plastic, nonferrous metals, and other composite materials, 5 axis technology provides various new applications, including:

1.Trimming of thermoformed plastics, molded plastic, and composite parts:

The flexibility of the 5 axis CNC router machine enables it to provide high-quality finishing and trimming functions on many plastic products.

2.Deep cavity mold making:

On the three-axis CNC router machine, deep cavity mold manufacturing requires you to use longer tools to achieve sufficient depth. With longer tools, the user has to cut down the cutting speed to prevent breakage. By adding additional motion to the 5 axis CNC machining, shorter tools can be used and higher cutting speed can be achieved.

3.Molded plywood chairs and decorative furniture parts:

5 axis routing technology can make the unique molding for all kinds of materials, enabling you to turn the creative and dynamic design into reality.

4.Fine 3D carving:

The increase in cutting tool motion on the 5 axis CNC router machine enables it to carve complex designs into a piece of material. It enables you to capture the details of the design in the work to be done.

5 axis CNC Router Machine Industry Application:

Furniture industry: processing of all kinds of cabinets, cabinet doors, chairs and tables, and the overall customization of kitchen and bathroom.

Decoration industry: PCB, PVC, MDF, stone, plexiglass, copper and aluminum and other soft metal processing;

Precision Industry: cutting large 3D(three-dimensional) parts in the automotive, aerospace and ship industries;

Mold industry: mold, foam mold, car models, train models, aviation models, ship models, paraffin mold, and other large non-metal molds.

Advantages of 5 axis CNC machining

Improved surface finish

Its configuration helps create surfaces with a high-quality finish. The CNC router bits can keep closer to the workpieces. The additional two axes allow the machine to use short tools. So the tools will not vibrate too much, which results in good surface quality.

Cut complex shapes

The additional two rotary axes allow you to realize the design and machining of intricate shapes. All five axes require various parts. The extra movement of this structure gives space for the manufacturing angels and arcs. This can only be done with multiple settings and specific fixtures in the past. But with 5 axis machining, you can complete the whole cutting and milling process with only one set. This also saves much production time and increases working efficiency.

Improved accuracy and tool life

The 5 axis machining process improves product accuracy by reducing settings. More settings mean more potential space for errors. So one setting can greatly reduce the risks of making errors.

The shorter the CNC router tools, the longer their service life. 5 axis machines allow the machine head to be closer to the tool surface. So this guarantees higher cutting speed and less vibration, which will eventually result in longer tool life.

High efficiency

When using this kind of router, we can always make the mill ends of the tool contact with the workpiece at a perfect, effective point. The 5 axis machining can effectively reduce the production time and auxiliary time of parts. It has a large spindle speed and feeds range, which enables the machine to have a powerful cutting capacity. The five axis machining has rapid movement and positioning ability, and can cut and mill products at a high speed. This reduces the turnaround time of semi-finished products and improves production efficiency and accuracy.

Processing Samples

Hot Wire Foam Cutting CNC Machine

CNC Foam cutter, also known as electric heating wire foam cutting machine, CNC foam cutting machine, can be used for material cutting and 3D mold making of polystyrene foam (EPS), polypropylene plastic foaming material (EPP), XPS extruded board.
CNC foam cutting machine is designed by iGOLDENCNC with a reasonable price with a high-strength mechanical structure, which is very suitable for the casting industry, packaging industry, advertising industry, EPS building lines, film and television props and other industries, using imported linear guide rails to ensure accuracy, and provides a set of competitive configurations.
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CNC Foam Cutting Machine Hot Wire

Hot wire CNC foam cutting machines is used to create display letters, logos (3D Logos), raphics, signboards, labels for indoor and outdoor ads, decor elements, fair stalls, store props & displays, P.O.P. displays, decorations for the theater or cinema, mock-up products, all kinds of packaging, amusement, architectural shapes, large-scale architecture models, thematic props, pipe insulation, preCast concrete molds, columns, etc.

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Hot Wire Foam Cutting Machine

CNC hot wire foam cutting machine for cutting Styrofoam, Styrodur, EPP and other thermally cut foams.

APPLICATION:polyvinyl chloride foam(EPS), polypropylene plastic foam material(EPP), XPS Extrusion board.

Mainly for the industry: Foundry industry, advertising industry, film and television props, packaging industry, EPS construction lines, and other industry-specific equipment.

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