Smart Factory

   iGOLDENCNC furniture production line offers all furniture CNC machines used in the fully automatic panel furniture production.For example, nesting CNC, edge banding machine, vacuum press machine, polishing machine, six-sided drilling machine, sliding table saw, and hinge drill. All these machines can meet your requirements for door, cabinet, cabinet door, thermofoil door and cabinet door manufacturing.

Intelligent Production Line Equipment Recommendation

Customized furniture industry 4.0 integrates design, production, and sales, and combines manufacturing equipment
with information systems. It has the characteristics of high resource allocation efficiency, high production efficiency,
and low labor and management costs.
Automation, Industry 4.0, and intelligent furniture production are the future
development trends of the furniture industry and the only way for furniture companies to upgrade.

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Basic type – Panel furniture cabinet solution

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    Smart Production Line Application

    Furniture Smart Production Line FAQ

    What is the smart factory?

    The smart factory refers to a high-efficiency, energy-saving, green, environmentally friendly, and comfortable humanized factory that integrates intelligent means and intelligent systems and other emerging technologies. The birth of this furniture smart factory is to cater to intelligent production that integrates resources, improves product competitiveness, and reduces production costs. Automation, intelligence, and individual customization are the highlights of this type of smart factory. The use of smart factories can solve the problems of asset efficiency, quality, cost, safety, and sustainability for users.

    Cells of the smart factory

    Design the splitting software: One-key order splitting, automatic optimization of layout, high board utilization rate, and more material saving. Automatically produce and process files and transfer them to the equipment for automatic processing.

    CNC nesting cell: Forklift delivering plates to elevator → labeling machine grabbing and auto labeling plates → cutting machine drilling, grooving and cutting plates→ robot grabbing plates and delivering plates to translation power live-roller gear → plates entering into cache bin and waiting to be delivered to edge banding unit.

    Edge banding cell: Plates are delivered by power roller to edge banding machine → the first edge banding machine sealing the first edge →the second edge banding machine sealing the third edge →plates rotating by 90°and the edge banding machines sealing the second & fourth edge →after edge banding, plates are transferred into cache bin and waited to be delivered to row drilling unit.

    Drilling cell: After edge banding, plates entering into six-side drilling machine → after drilling, plates are outputted under “front in, front out” or “front in, back out” mode plates entering into cache bin for sorting and packaging.

    Sorting & Packing cell: This unit includes a buffer area, a high-speed camera, a belt conveyor, an intelligent sorting robot, a manipulator suction cup fixture and other equipment to realize intelligent sorting of workpieces.

    Why to choose the smart factory not traditional way?

    Panel furniture is made of non-lacquered wood-based panels as the material hardware. It has the processing characteristics of rich shapes, support for customization, convenient disassembly, and affordable prices. Traditional panel furniture production methods usually include processes such as drawing by a carpenter master-calculating and dismantling-row holes-sliding table saw cutting-row drilling and punching-edge banding machine edge sealing-trial assembly-packing. This production method requires high personnel, high labor costs, and low production efficiency, so it is gradually eliminated by the era of intelligent production. The smart factory realizes file transfer between software and equipment, and the transfer platform connection between equipment and equipment can make furniture production realize intelligent and automated production. It has the advantages of saving labor costs, saving plates, improving processing efficiency, and improving product quality. So it is welcomed by the majority of users.


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