Kitchen Cabinet Door Making CNC Router Machine for Sale

The pneumatic 4 process nesting CNC machine is a multi-function automatic CNC nesting machine, which integrates cutting, chamfering, relief, hollowing, punching, slotting and other processes, while meeting the processing requirements of cabinet doors and cabinets, can realize automatic loading and unloading, save labor, and greatly improve the processing speed and efficiency.It has the advantages of low procurement cost, simple operation and complete functions. Four different bits can be installed to complete various processing functions, such as cutting, engraving and drilling at one time. It is equipped with auto loading and unloading tables. So it can load and unload the materials automatically. It is an ideal machine for large production enterprises, specially for making cabinet.

It can be used with edge banding machine, laminating machine, side hole machine and other machines to customize the whole house.

The CNC router for cabinet making relates to a four process double station double pusher material opening machine. The feeding machine consists of a working bench, which is equipped with a two working table along the length direction of the platform support at the top of the workbench support, and there is a Y moving mechanism above the bench bracket. The two transverse symmetrical Y to the rack in the Y moving mechanism is fixed on both sides of the platform bracket, and the transverse beam in the moving mechanism at the Y. The top is fixed with a X direction rack with a transverse setting of X to the moving mechanism, and a Z direction moving mechanism on the left side of the moving mechanism along the direction of the feeding, and the Z to the driving motor in the Z moving mechanism is fixed vertically on the X slide plate in the X to the moving mechanism, and the Z direction slide plate in the Z moving mechanism is equipped with a processing device. The opening machine can make maximum use of the working time of the opening machine, high processing efficiency, convenient feeding and unloading, and can avoid the droop of the drag chain. The cabinet making CNC router is suitable for kitchen cabinet making, cabinet door making, corner cabinet making, decorative cabinet making, home cabinet making, wall cabinet making, wood cabinet making, base cabinet making and other custom cabinet making in bathroom, garage, living room, and office.


Name Manufacturer/Brand
Mechanical part
Body Welded square pipe structure
Gantry steel structure
spindle HQD 9.0kw air-cooled spindle
Table Vacuum adsorption table
Rack TANWAN Xinyue
Drive Dongling drive
Reducer SHIMPO
Inverter Fuling
Electrical element SCHNEIDER
Tricolour light Yes
Cabinet Igolden Independent cabinet
Set knife part
Tool setting gauge Automatic tool setting gauge
lubrication system Automatic oil filling
System control and software
Intelligent control system TAIWAN LNC

Cabinets Making CNC Router Applications

Cabinet making:CNC router is ideally suitable for furniture decorations, musical instruments, wooden crafts, solid wood furniture, MDF door, wood composite door, cabinet making, kitchen cabinet doors, windows, tables, etc.

Decoration Industry:Art model, wall art, screen relief engraving and cutting, decoration processing, gifts wrapping, waved plate, electrical cabinets panels, sports equipment, and other industrial wood works.

Kitchen Cabinet Door

Kitchen Cabinet Door Making CNC Router Machine Advanced Performance

  • 4 kinds of process switching processing, to achieve 0 seconds tool change, greatly improve the work efficiency.
  • Using HQD6.0kw air cooled automatic tool change spindle, long life, low noise, reliable quality.
  • IGOLDENindependent electric control cabinet, humanized design, Taiwan Baoyuan system, easy to operate.
  • Using Taiwan silver guide rail and crescent rack, high positioning accuracy, smooth sliding, reliable quality, long life.
  • Professional CNC Taiwan Baoyuan control system, easy to learn and easy to operate.
  • Can increase the automatic loading and unloading platform, save labor costs, fast cost recovery, meet the needs of the production line, automatic intelligent operation, efficiency is greatly improved.

The 4 spindle CNC router is very easy to use.You only need to save the position of the cutters in the tool path, then the system could realize the cutter auto changing according to the cutter code.So this four-axis CNC machine kitchen cabinet machine runs very efficiently and stably.

Powerful 4 Spindle Auto-Change Of Drilling Milling Machine

The Heavy structure adopts thicken steel square which improves the stability of wood CNC 4×8. This Stronger structure is necessary for cutting solid materials such as hardwood. During the 4×8 wood CNC machine cutting and carving process, the XYZ axis remains stationary against external cutting forces.

High Efficiency Cutter Changing Of Multi Spindle CNC Router For Sale

The advantage of This 4 spindle CNC machine kitchen cabinets is that the spindle change speed is fast or we call it tool change. It only takes 2 seconds to turn on the spindle in advance for preheating. And you can use different spindles from 800w to 6.5kw, instead of using 8.5kw ATC spindle for drilling.This 4 spindle CNC router is easy to maintain and easy to replace the spindle; there is no tool change problem, and it will not stop work due to the tool change problem. It is beneficial to the mass production line.

Stable Working Sturcture Of CNC Machine Kitchen Cabinets

As a drilling milling machine,a strong and stable structure is very important,because this machine has 4 spindle,it need to process many material in a very stable environment.So the gantry and base frame of our 4 spindle CNC router is made of tubular steel.and the entire length of the column is welded with reinforcing ribs to achieve a stable beam Components.The Gantry uprights of this machine are cast iron with heavy duty gussets formed into the casting. Each support is machined for housing the various drive assemblies including motors, bearings, belts, and wiring harnesses.Moreover the base frame has a long service life after precision welding.

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