Smart Automated Furniture Production Line

Smart factory aims to maximize the automatic production level. It includes the CNC nesting cell, edge banding cell, drilling cell, sorting and packing cell, etc. All these cells can be used both separately and together. And the CNC machines of different functions can also be combined into an intelligent production line for making cabinets, cabinet doors, thermofoil doors, and other panel furniture.

The smart factory refers to a high-efficiency, energy-saving, green, environmentally friendly, and comfortable humanized factory that integrates intelligent means and intelligent systems and other emerging technologies. The birth of this furniture smart factory is to cater to intelligent production that integrates resources, improves product competitiveness, and reduces production costs. Automation, intelligence, and individual customization are the highlights of this type of smart factory. The use of smart factories can solve the problems of asset efficiency, quality, cost, safety, and sustainability for users.

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