What Is Nesting Parts for CNC Router ?

Nesting parts for CNC router

Nesting parts for CNC router is the process of optimizing the arrangement of multiple parts on a sheet of material to minimize waste and maximize efficiency during the cutting or routing process. This technique is widely used in manufacturing industries to improve productivity, reduce material costs, and enhance overall production efficiency.

esting CNC Wood Cutting Machine

Why we should choose nesting CNC router for furniture woodworking?

With social development,  every field is also making progress day by day. However, the labor cost is also increasing very quickly, esp for the furniture areas like cabinet and door making. In order to increase the enterprise income, every boss has to low down the production cost and increase the working efficiency. Therefore, CNC nesting router is more and more popular to replace the workers.

Refer to the woodworking fields,  we usually use woodworking CNC routers, auto edge banding machines, laser side drilling machines, etc. CNC router will be the vital point to ensure the furniture quality. Therefore, it is very important to choose a good CNC Router supplier. IGOLDENCNC is a really reliable woodworking CNC nesting Router manufactures in China. Many many customers from the USA, Germany, UK, Australia, Russia, Canada etc recommend IGOLDEN to those who want to buy CNC nesting Router machines for their woodworking.

Because of the importance of nesting CNC Router in the furniture woodworking areas but high cost, many many buyers will go to visit the CNC Router dealers shop or even do some investigation to the manufactures.  However, it is not easy for the new beginner to buy the best CNC router machines.

All the CNC machines are with similar outlooking and no much difference configuration,  but the price is quite a big difference. IGOLDEN is a professional in CNC Router manufacture esp for ones in furniture areas.  It has more than ten years of experience in machine manufacture. And their design team are all graduated from famous universities.

What are the advantages of the IGOLDEN router compare to other companies?

All the holes with guide rail and racks are drilled and tapped by 5 axis CNC machining center. It can ensure the linear guide and racks are 100% paralyzed with high speed and smooth movement.

All the CNC machines body, gantry, gantry support from IGOLDEN are all-welded by thick steel pipe, which is made by tempering treatment, high-temperature vibration to make sure the machine more durable use.
We adopts imported new anti-environment type servo motors and driver with high speed, high precision, and shock resistance. Besides the protection class of servo motor is IP65, it can be used in Harsh environment safety.

Low voltage electrical components is the top brand of the international and inland, for example, Schneider, Siemens, ABB, Honeywell, Omron, AMC, CHNT, DELIXI, Yaskawa and so on.

Spindle Pre-Start. Before the current work finishing, the controller will pre-start the next tool, saving more time, working efficiency as great as Gang drills machine

IGOLDENCNC Cadds division plates to cable chains, which can protect cables not twisted when machine working with high speed and high frequency, the cables still can keep in sort.

All the vacuum suction tube materials upgrade to PPR tube, which with good hermetic seal and never bending. The negative pressure ensure to 8 bars when machines produced and avoid the boards moving when work.

Strong, impact resistance, deformation resistance anti-fold special plate, the bottom is vacuum chamber, matrix adsorb, high absorb with the professional vacuum pump. Inside it has the pop-up pins with a 90-degree angle, high precision for the workpiece.

IGOLDENCNC adopts the imported ball screw, sliding block and guide rail from Taiwan, good quality and high precision to make the machine with high speed and high precision.

Dis servo Auto tool magazine change system, high precise tool change location, fast positioning. Tool library capacity has 8, 12, 16,20 pieces options. The machine can complete complex processing work with multi-tools change more quickly and easily.

What is the advantage of the nesting software in furniture working?

  • Rapid flexible design
  • Properties of the panel are fully open which can do any modification; Rich special-shaped panel library, lattice parts library, special design, fast and intuitive. According to the overall size requirement, quickly generate the type of customer need.
  • Automatic vent holes, accurate list one-click for the cutting list, easy to see the hole and slot automatically generate the cabinet statement, hardware list, and plate list.
  • Joint cutting: Joint different design in typesetting optimization maximize utilization rate of panel
  • Intelligent NC: Intelligent generated postcode program, top surface machine, and five surface processing procedures, accurate docking backend equipment
  • Clear Offer: Intelligent column offer depends on panel type, size, thickness, and hardware
  • High definition rendering, 3D panorama performance(360, 720-degree Dynamic panorama) will bring customer to a virtual reality experience of whole house custom furniture
  • Intelligent packaging: set the number of packages and each package size automatically generated the QR code of package panels.
  • Mobile client applications: Use a mobile phone APP scan and check the code of the 3d images of the cabinet, convenient to check the order and installation.
  • Generally total solution for Parametric intelligent slit software: Optimal layout designer-->explode view—>BOM—>cabinet data—>file path—>intelligent cutting system—>automatic CNC labeler—>automatic loading—>vertical drilling, grooving, cutting—>automatic unloading—>edge banding machine—> CNC row type drilling machining center(bar code scanning, automatic selection processed procedure, slotting on sides).
Whole house custom production line

Why we choose nesting CNC router for furniture woodworking?

  • Perfect function, automatic feeding, a vertical hole, slotting, cutting, engraving, and milling.
  • Furniture customized production, mass production come true at one time
  • Improve production ability, save production cost
  • Get rid of traditional technology dependence on technical workers.
  • Whole monitor and control in the whole production
  • Optional with 5+4 vertical row drill package+tool changing spindle, to meet the various production processes.
  • Time-saving, labor-saving, material saving. Banned the traditional CAD drawing staff, demolition of a single master, the opening of the material master, efficient and open system, automatic layout optimization to maximize the material utilization.
  • Automatic coding, automatic loading, blanking, topside drilling, grooving, and cutting.
  • Total mechanism!
  • Stop mistakes enhance output

nesting machine

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