4 Axis Linkage CNC Router

4-axis linkage CNC router is a computer numerical control (CNC) machine that utilizes four axes of motion to perform cutting, carving, and milling operations on various materials. Unlike a 3-axis CNC router that can move in the X, Y, and Z directions, a 4-axis machine adds an additional rotational axis, typically referred to as the A-axis or rotary axis.

4 Axis Linkage CNC Router

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This CNC wood router for sale is a multifunctional machine,this machine contains ATC Function.So it can be used in making cabinet furniture.The wood door making CNC router machine also come standard with horizontal spindle and rotary spindle.The horizontal spindle can be used for drilling and milling the keyhole and hinge for door making. The rotary axis can be used for making furniture legs, such as chair legs, table legs, sofa legs, and many other three-dimensional products.

Rotary Axis

IGOLDENCNC’s 4-Axis rotary table assembly comes complete with a 3-jaw chuck, tail stock, and linear guide track for easy tail stock movement and center alignment. The addition of Alpha’s 4-axis rotary table assembly adds greater functionality to the machine’s capabilities allowing for 4-axis cutting in both 2D and 3D carving and indexing functions.

This CNC wood furniture machine is a multifunctional CNC wood router machine that can process a variety of products. It not only supports automatic tool change, but also installs two machining axes, namely horizontal spindle and rotary axis.

The A-axis provides the flexibility to machine complex shapes, contours, and irregular surfaces that cannot be achieved with a 3-axis system alone. It is commonly used in applications such as rotary carving, 3D relief carving on cylindrical objects, engraving on curved surfaces, and machining of columns, posts, and furniture legs.

Wood CNC Router Machine Appcatlion

The A-axis provides rotational movement to the cutting tool, enabling it to tilt or rotate around the X, Y, or Z axis. This rotational capability allows the router to perform tasks such as carving intricate designs on cylindrical or curved surfaces, creating tapered cuts, and producing 3D contours with smoother transitions.

4-axis CNC routers can often complete tasks more efficiently compared to manual woodworking methods or 3-axis CNC machines. The ability to perform multiple operations in a single setup reduces production time and minimizes material waste, leading to improved productivity and cost-effectiveness.

4x8 Wood CNC Router Machine

4-axis wood CNC router come in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different workspace requirements and production needs. Some machines are tabletop models suitable for small-scale projects, while others are larger industrial-grade machines capable of handling larger workpieces and higher production volumes.

Here’s an overview of the four axes commonly found in a 4-axis linkage CNC router:

  1. X-axis: The X-axis represents the horizontal movement of the machine’s cutting head or spindle.
  2. Y-axis: The Y-axis represents the vertical movement of the cutting head.
  3. Z-axis: The Z-axis represents the depth or height movement of the cutting head.
  4. A-axis (Rotary axis): The A-axis is the additional rotational axis in a 4-axis CNC router.

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