Low Cost Gantry CNC Plasma Cutting Machine For Metal

Gantry CNC Plasma Cutting Machine for Metal?

This is a cutting machine that uses plasma as power source to make cuts on various shapes of tubes or beams, such as square tubes, round tubes, I beams, H beams, or C beams. CNC controller is used to control the motion of this Sheet Tube Metal Cutting CNC Plasma Cutter torch or the rotation of the tubes or beams. The picture below shows a typical system of plasma tube cutting machine. It consists of CNC controller, plasma power, and tube feeder.

Even the operator who uses the Heavy-duty CNC cutting machine system for the first time can achieve high-quality cutting within a few minutes of operating the plasma torch. When using an air plasma system, no gas adjustment is required. And with an internal fixed cover, the operator does not need to operate away from the machine. In this way, the operator can drag the torch head directly along the workpiece and use the pre-cutting plate, simplifying the cutting. Ergonomically designed torch handle and quick-connect torch technology make operation easier.

1. When it rains, try to keep the CNC system in good condition to prevent water ingress;

2. Always check the oxygen-acetylene pipeline;

3. Check whether there is leakage in the circuit;

4. Wipe the guide rail frequently to prevent rust.

Gantry Type Flame / CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

This Heavy Frame Pipe Metal CNC Plasma Cutter  is used for facilitating the process of plasma cutting, wherein electrically conductive materials are cut through using an accelerated jet of hot plasma. Moreover, its high speed and precision cut make it a popular choice for applications in large scale industries to small hobbyist shops.

Advantage of Heavy Frame Pipe Metal CNC Plasma Cutter :

1.Light weight,easy to move

2.Can cut both thin and thick plate,practical and economical

3.Good performance,main parts are from well-known suppliers home and abroad

4.Chinese and English interface

5.Can store the data and regain the memory after power failure

6. Free pre-sale training and 24 hours after-sale service


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